Structural fabrication is widely used to cut, bend and assemble steel or other metals and create various products. Structural steel fabricators combine numerous pieces of steel to form structures of predefined shapes and sizes. These structures are assembled to make final products that are widely used in buildings and as industrial equipment.

Some people think that metal fabrication is the process of welding steel to repair or strengthen it. If you are one of them, it’s high time you debunk the myth. The fabrication process is quite complicated. Ensure that the fabricator you have hired has the necessary skills to transform raw materials into products that can meet industry standards and codes. It will be easier for you to understand the structural steel fabrication technique if you know its vital stages.

Need Structural Steel Fabrication? The Vital Stages Have Been Stated Below


Fabricators generally cut structural steel through sawing, sharing and chiselling. Few of the standard tools used to cut structural steel are water jets, laser cutters and plasma torches. It is the first and the most vital stage of structural steel fabrication. To ensure the safety of workers, the metal is cut in a closed manufacturing facility, and numerous safety precautions are undertaken.


The second step of structural steel fabrication is bending the alloy. Generally, fabricators bend the metal using machines or manually bend the steel using a hammer. They choose a bending technique after considering how frequently you will require bending the alloy for your project. There is a high chance that the fabricator will use machinery for bending if the project requires repetitive bending.


The third and final stage of the steel fabrication process is assembling. Structural steel fabricators create a structure after combining different parts of steel. Generally, welding is used for assembling structural steel. Heat is slowly applied over the steel parts to join them together. Sometimes, rivet construction or adhesives are also used to bond the pieces together. To give the fabricated steel structure the required shape, fabricators supervise the project using design software or other equipment.

Ready To Hire A Fabricator?

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