There are multiple varieties of metals available in the market today. The engineers tend to overlook the benefits of stainless steel for fabrication projects. The properties of this metal make it a powerful choice, although it comes with a high initial cost. Yet, it is the best value option, given its sleek design and versatility.  You can avail services from the steel solutions in Northampton

What is Stainless Steel?  

Stainless is low carbon steel, containing chromium at 10%. The element of chromium makes it stainless with other corrosion-resistant properties. Further, it makes the steel tough, adherent, highly durable with ductility. The strong coating on the steel surface is the corrosion-resistant chromium oxide film. It is self-healing even after there is mechanical or chemical damage. The property is enhanced by adding other elements like nitrogen, nickel and molybdenum. Stainless steel has 60 grades, and you can categorise it into four groups.  

Stainless steel gives high sheer strength for industrial and commercial usage like construction etc. The metal is also environmentally sustainable with functional advantages.  

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Reasons Why Stainless Steel Choice Is a Good Choice of Metal 

  1. Strength To Weight Advantage  

Stainless steel has work hardening properties of austenitic grades. This results in considerable hardening of the material from working on cold surfaces alone. It also has high strength duplex grades that reduce the material thickness. Besides, when compared to the conventional grades, stainless steel is significantly cost-saving. 

  1. Fire And Heat Resistance  

Special grades of stainless steel like nickel alloyed and high chromium grades retain high strength and resist scaling at extreme temperatures. The engineers use stainless steel in heat exchangers, boilers, feedwater heaters, superheaters, valves and mainstream lines. It is extensively utilised in aerospace and aircraft applications.  

  1. Hygienic 

Stainless steel is one of the most low maintenance metals. You can clean it easily. This is why it is an excellent choice for areas that comply with high sanitation standards.   It also demands minimal maintenance. Given these features, stainless steel outweighs the initial investment. 

  1. Aesthetic Appearance 

Stainless steel looks radiant and shiny. It increases the overall aesthetic appearance wherever applied. The designers offer bespoke stainless steel fabrications for use in rates and railing, stairs, building beams etc.  

  1. A High Degree Of Cleanliness

The engineers deliver hygienic and excellent varieties of stainless steel, which is compatible to healthcare standards of any professional organisation. The application of cleaning agents on the surface of stainless steel is three times more effective than polymers or aluminium. Stainless steel also diminishes the bio-burden and is safe against pollution.  

  1. Long Term Usage 

The corrosion-resistant property of stainless steel, durability and low maintenance feature makes it suitable for long term usage. The designers can mould it into different shapes and sizes. This metal can last for a duration of almost 15 to 25 years. You can also replace it swiftly with upgrades and renovations. This steel does not sink into self-degradation, which is why it is an economical option too.    

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