Structural steel fabrication involves preparing and altering steel beams and other materials to exact specifications. This process involves combining multiple pieces of steel to form different structures of predefined shapes and sizes meant for assembly into buildings, tools, equipment, and other final products. Hiring experienced structural steel fabricators can assure you regarding its quality. 

Different Stages of Structural Steel Fabrication

  • Cutting Structural Steel: Fabricators first cut structural steel by sharing, chiseling, or sawing using various tools, including water jets, plasma torches, and laser cutters. This step is performed in a closed manufacturing facility, and several safety measures are taken to ensure the safety of workers.
  • Bending Structural Steel: The second step is to bend the alloy by either hammering the steel or using machines. The decision regarding the method depends upon the frequency of bending the project needs.
  • Assembling Structural Steel: This step involves combining different parts of steel together. This is typically done by welding. However, they can also use adhesives or rivet construction for the purpose.

Reasons for Structural Steel Welding

  • High-Pressure Applications: You cannot count on steel for high-pressure applications if it isn’t for welding and fabrication. Welding is a safer way to connect beams without losing strength at the welded joints.
  • Higher Complexity: Improvements in welding techniques allow for higher complexity and more style in architectural designs, making the steel stronger and more dependable.
  • Foundations and Building Modifications: Welding typically replaces rivet construction as its superior in providing strength and durability to the structures.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Welded steel is also affordable as it’s easier and less time-consuming to mould projects together designed with welded steel.

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