The world of metal fabrication demands detailed knowledge and high skill. Metal fabrication is the process of manufacturing different types of metal products from raw materials through cutting, bending, joining and assembling. Heavy and light metals can be fabricated through various procedures to obtain specific finished products. 

There is no formal definition for heavy and light metal fabrication if you look at it closely. As per the top metal fabrication experts in Northampton, the heavy metal fabrication procedure tends to be bigger and higher, and the opposite implies its lighter counterpart.

Heavy Metal Fabrication

When it comes to creating products from heavy metals, different materials are used by metal fabrication experts to match the needs of specific projects.

Ferrous Metal: The characteristics of ferrous metal depend on the alloys found in their specific compositions. A considerable amount of iron is found in most ferrous metals, making them heavy, durable and incredibly robust.

Non-Ferrous Metal: Brass, aluminium, bronze, and nickel all come under the group of non-ferrous metals. Though they are not as robust as ferrous metals, light metals are known for their corrosion-resistance and fabrication-friendly nature.

Superalloys: When you need metals that are incredibly strong and provide great resistance to thermal deformation, superalloys should be your choice. Fabrication of these metals is easy and time-saving as well.

Structural Steel: This is the most common type of metal used in the construction and structure building industry. Hence, they are perfect for withstanding extreme conditions and are rightly used in military, marine and pressure vessel applications.

Light Metal Fabrication

 Both small and large components are involved in the procedure of light metal creation. Though they are not as strong as components obtained from heavy metal fabrication, light metal construction is highly imperative for various industries. In the machinery manufacturing industry, crucial components can only be created through the procedure of light metal fabrication. These components include brackets, cans, angles, panels, shells, and plates.

How to Obtain the Best Service

The method of metal fabrication demands high skills, in-depth knowledge and the right setup. Only a dedicated and experienced company can perform the task rightly and deliver you the best quality products. Professional metal fabrication experts work on different types of projects to meet the diverse needs of clients and deliver them bespoke service.

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