From simple cans to modern-day skyscrapers, steel has become integral to daily life. Of the different types of steel, structural steel is the most common form used by the construction industry. It is considered the ideal steel variant for building structures. It is durable and can stand the test of time.

In addition to the innumerable benefits that structural steel offers, it is a favourite choice of all builders because it is a cost-effective option. With structural steel fabrications, you can get high-quality constructions at affordable costs.

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Why is structural steel a cost-effective option?

Buildings or construction works made of this steel don’t rot over time. Unlike other construction materials like wood and concrete, steel structures are safe under all weather conditions.

Every steel structure is expected to last for a decade or even centuries with a minimum maintenance expense. During construction, a very small amount of steel is used because the material is strong and can withstand pressure.

This means that the cost of production will be reduced significantly. Structural steel is easy to install and erect, meaning labour costs involved during construction are also lowered.

Cost of structural steel vs other construction materials

Structural steel’s initial cost is higher than that of wood and concrete. However, the labour, maintenance, and assembling costs for steel construction are less than for other construction materials.

Unlike wood and concrete, steel constructions will stand the test of time. Once you have invested in structural steel, you see returns for years.

Structural steel is more sustainable than other construction materials, and it is recyclable and reused for other construction purposes. Even if the construction is demolished, you can easily use the steel for other purposes.

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